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Teacher shortages don’t always make the news. But they should.

Our students are paying the price.

It’s a hidden reality. Unfilled teaching positions, a shortage of substitutes, and a lack of classroom supports – it all adds up to an unstable learning environment for our kids. Specialized teachers must cover other classes, sidelining vital student services. And last-minute adjustments and combined classes create uncertainty for students before the school day even begins. Our kids deserve stability, not more unknowns.


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Education affects our economy

Investing in our kids is key to solving our labour shortage. A quality education also leads to higher incomes, less reliance on social services, more entrepreneurship, and more tax revenue to re-invest in our province.


Education affects our health

Our health care system is struggling. Much of this is beyond our control, but investing in education is an essential part of the solution. When we give every child the tools to manage their own health, we give our province a healthier future.


Education affects our communities

Our province is built on community, and that community spirit starts in the classroom. Our educators need time to build relationships with students. When we invest in education, we get more engaged and active citizens, less crime, and better social outcomes.


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