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nobody should have to wear a brave face to school.

Students and teachers do better, and feel better, in smaller classes.

Class Size Counts

It’s harder for a teacher to spot a struggling child in a crowded classroom, especially if they’re pretending everything’s okay. It’s also harder to give every kid the attention they need, to make sure they reach their full potential as our future innovators, creators, and leaders. Our kids and teachers deserve smaller classes, and supports like school counselors and psychologists, to help them thrive. Nobody should have to wear a brave face to school.

Education Affects Our Economy

Our province has weathered more than its fair share of economic challenges. Our population is getting smaller, and there are more workers leaving the workforce than entering. This looming labour shortage means even more challenges are coming if nothing changes.

But the creativity and drive of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians should never be underestimated.

When times are tough, investing in education is the only way out. A quality education for every kid leads to higher incomes, less reliance on social services, and more entrepreneurs – which all leads to more tax revenue to re-invest in our province.


Education Affects Our Health

Healthcare costs are rising in Newfoundland and Labrador, and we know they will continue to rise. Some aspects of our health are beyond our control, but are we doing enough to improve the things we can change?

Education is the one area where investment can address the underlying reasons for poor health choices in our province.

If we give every kid the tools to manage their own health, we’ll give our province a healthier future, too.


Education Affects Our Communities

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians know the power of community better than most. This is a place where neighbours depend on each other. They help each other out. And learning to value that community spirit starts in our classrooms – but only when teachers and educators have the time to make connections and build relationships with students.

Investing in our education system leads to more engaged and active citizens, less crime, and better social outcomes overall.

If we build connections with every kid, we’ll build stronger communities for our province, too.


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